The Massey Lectures 2018

Rose LeMay supported the tour of Tanya Talaga on the Massey Lectures in 2018!

In her 2018 CBC Massey Lectures series, titled All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward, prize-winning journalist Tanya Talaga (author of Seven Fallen Feathers) explores the legacy of cultural genocide against Indigenous peoples.  For Talaga, that cultural genocide has led to a forced disconnection from land and language by Indigenous peoples. The need now, she says, is for Indigenous self-determination in social, cultural and political arenas.

Many communities, in Canada and abroad, are finding that the road back to a relationship with land and language are keys to community healing — to what, in fact, it means to be Indigenous. These are lectures about values for our times, and for all of us.

Thunder Bay, Halifax, Vancouver, Saskatoon and Toronto…Tanya filled auditoriums and theatres across the country.

The audios and some videos are available on CBC’s website.