Bulk Purchase Courses for a Group

Looking to purchases a number of seats for your team or organization? This is the place.

  1. Please give your group a unique name, such as “MyCompany Group A”, or “MyCompany May 2021” so you will recognize it later.
  2. Add the number of seats you’d like to purchase.
  3. Click the box of the course that you’d like to purchase.
  4. Click Add to Cart.

You will be taken to the payment page using a credit card or paypal. This is where you will also add your contact details, including your email and password which become your login to this site.

* Your login also makes you a Group Leader, with ability to add/remove users to this course, add additional Group Leaders, and more.

And you will have access to the group immediately. More information is available on How to Do Group Management.


Group name
The name of the group for which you are purchasing the courses.
The number of users who require access.
Bulk discounts
25 to 49 seats
- 10 %
50 to 99 seats
- 17 %
100 to 249 seats
- 25 %
+250 seats
- 30 %


Cart total
Bulk discount
Taxes will be calculated at checkout.